"Solution-Focused Information Technology"

Critical Engineering...

In today's over-crowded Information Technology (IT) marketplace, you could choose any one of thousands of software, data and systems engineering services providers. Most look alike on the surface. Most offer just about any service you can ask for in a "one size fits all" package of IT generalists. So how do you choose wisely to guarantee your critical engineering needs are done right the first time?

Well, you could opt to pick a company that offers a little bit of everything: Data Engineers, Technical Writers, Configuration Managers, System Engineers or Web Developers. Sure, they'll deliver you "a" solution, but is it YOUR solution?

Focused on Your Solution.

Better yet, you could choose a company that focuses solely on bringing together the right mix of visions, talent, design, ideas and innovation around JUST your problem, just your solution. You could choose the solution focus of Six3 Systems, Enterprise Systems Division (Six3 ESD) .

Six3 ESD understands enterprise Information Technology engineering. In fact, it's all we do. Six3 ESD employs only industry-best data, software and systems engineers. We hire them, train them, teach them and expertly orchestrate them into tightly focused teams driven to engineer your solution. Not "a" solution, just yours.